What do I Wear?!

These are the questions I get the most: "Jazmin, what should I wear?!" "What should my husband and I wear for our shoot?"

And let me tell you, what you wear to your shoot is actually very important, and I can not say that enough! The way you dress adds to the beauty of the images. You want to wear something that not only makes you feel good about yourself, but something that you may not wear on a day to day basis. Your images tell a story, and you should want to dress up for them. Before you book your shoot you usually have an idea of what style or vibe you're going for. If you're booking with a photographer you should also take into consideration their style, you want to make sure that it compliments yours. After you book with me I will send you a link to my Pinterest inspiration board where you can see outfits and color pallets I recommend you wear. Below you can find some of my tips and tricks to finding the perfect outfit for you.

Color Pallet

The first thing I always say is try not to dress so matchy matchy, color coordinate instead. Now, there isn't anything wrong with that, but you want each person's outfit to compliment one another instead of trying to look like each other. You can never go wrong with neutral tones with a pop of color.

Below you'll find a color pallet I love! The link directs you to the original post on Pinterest.

Outfit Inspo:

Flowy dresses are always flattering. Pick a solid color dress with dimension and you will look amazing! This dress is from Target.

Go bold with a patterned dress and add accessories like a statement belt and a hat. Dress and accessories are from Boot Barn.

Couples Outfit Ideas

I love pops of color! I always recommend that the ladies wear a brighter/ bolder color while your significant other wears more muted tones. When it comes to patterns try to keep the patterns minimal. One outfit can have patterns while the other outfit does not. I always encourage the gals to where dresses, especially flowy more boho style dresses, these types of dresses photograph so beautifully. I always recommend shops like Boot Barn, Forever 21, Shein, and even Amazon!

Here are some of my favorite sites to buy dresses

(Click on the image to be directed to their website):

For Her:



Forever 21

For Him:

For the guys, things are a little easier. One thing for sure is try to avoid all black outfits as they can darken the images. Here are some inspo images with links to where you can purchase:

H&M Denim button up

Boot Barn Dark Denim Jeans


  • Don't be afraid to come out of your comfort zone
  • When in doubt stick with neutral colors
  • Avoid wearing all black or all grey outfits
  • A pop of color is always fun!
  • Avoid matching outfits, color coordinate instead
  • If you have any questions don't hesitate asking your photographer for advice!