I'm certain most of us have felt this at one point in our lives, am I right? Self-doubt can be so debilitating it can consume your mind if you allow it. Being a photographer can be intimidating, the idea of putting your work out there for hundreds of people to see (and potentially judge) is intimidating. I spent years taking pictures behind the scenes I would never voice my love for photography because I was scared of rejection. As I've gotten older I've realized living life according to others opinions will ruin you I spent too many years valuing myself based on others opinions. After I had my daughter I had this epiphany, I knew I had to start this new venture and share my creativity, and let me tell you, it has been the best decision I have made... not only has it been an outlet to share my work, but it had allowed me to connect with so many new faces, and it has sparked new unexpected friendships. When I started out, I was trying too hard to be like other photographers. There were countless times I would break down while editing because I just couldn't get it "right." I wanted so badly to be like them I lost sight of what my purpose was. I was not doing this to be like others I was doing this to share MY creativity. I wanted to make my clients feel enamored with their pictures. I started accomplishing that when I finally acknowledged and let go of all of that self-doubt that was weighing me down. Now, don't get me wrong self-doubt isn't something you can just cure it's something you have to continuously work on. I remind myself everyday that I am my own person I am a creative with her own style and own unique perspective. Not everyone has to be a fan of my work, but I have to be my own biggest fan. If you ever feel that self-doubt creeping up remind yourself why you do what you do. Nothing comes easy, it takes work, and along the journey you will be faced with trials and tribulations, but it's all about the way you respond to those setbacks.

Never give up ♡

How it started vs How it's going

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